A party game full of bright ideas

Hide in the dark and attack your opponents by surprise in Sneaky Seekers, a local multiplayer party game, where tiny lamps compete to see who can collect the most gold and treasure. Play with your friends and family through 10 mini-games with a wide variety of gameplays. Individually or as a team, let your appetite for winning speak for itself, and do your utmost to emerge victorious - and rich!


A unique experience for everyone

The controls are easy to get to grips with, and very intuitive. Play with friends and family, and have fun! Find the cute little lamp that suits you best from a wide choice of unlockable skins. From Western oil lamps to Japanese lanterns, there's something for everyone in Sneaky Seekers.

Simple rules, unique games

Each mini-game is a completely new experience, with its own rules, victory conditions, and treasure to collect! Several mini-games, one golden ability! As lamps, you can appear and disappear from the screen in every mini-game. There's nothing like a backstab from the shadows.


Multiple universe to explore

Play through colorful arenas! Each mini-game has its own unique atmosphere, with a wide range of visual and audio ambiences. Roam through worlds with varied environments, and meet characters each more hostile and original than the last.

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teamLogo Sneaky Seekers is developed by Lavascript Studio, a small 2-person French studio based in Amiens, France. We've been working together passionately on this project for several months. Alongside the creation of the game, we also manage our presence on the various social networks, create our own trailers, and manage all the marketing aspects of our game. Sneaky Seekers is our studio's first project, and we can't wait to get it into the hands of future players.

Roland De Tomasi

Roland is the game designer of the studio. He's also in charge of creating all the game's graphics and animations. A fan of ruins and pirates, he can't help but include them in all his projects.

Camille Sagot

Camille is the developer, and handles the administrative side of the studio, making her the big brain of the team. She has the great responsibility of bringing the game to life.
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